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Hatred is beauty, 7/21/2010 10:11:00 PM.

too many shits came. shitty people entered my life and made me felt miserable. i've got many commitments to handle with my two bare hands. do you people know how does it feels to be so fucking stress and frustrated? so little time, yet many things to be done. saddest part of this dramatic life of mine is that i've lost my respect and trust to those motherfucking hypocrites. fuck you, you know who you are. i swear i wanna see 3 of you lead a horrible/horrific/terrible/unlucky/jinxed life. i'm sure i'll grin widely. pathetic losers.

Hatred is beauty, 7/18/2010 01:54:00 PM.

Hello. I'm drop dead gorgeous. NOT!
Fuck my dead blog, really. And stop staring at it too long or else you'll get swollen eyes. Haha!

Hatred is beauty, 7/04/2010 09:35:00 PM.

Seriously, my face in that picture is so not needed! But hey, it's bodysurfing. And look at Dalif's head near to my... hmm you know it. HAHAHAHAHA! 

Okay, monday blues. Fuck it. I don't have any plans for today. Shit right? Gah! No plans other than lepaking with Fit later. MENDAK ke per! 

I don't know what to blog, really. My mind got blocked. GOBLOK. HAAAAA. Kay, wtf. -__-
I miss headbanging and moshing and bodysurfing and also being so crazy and hyper at gigs. (Count how many "and" are there. HAHA!)
I am so going for NOW SUFFER on the 27th. It has been a long time since i saw Oshiego performed on stage. Haiyaaa. 

K i got nothing to say. BYE!

Hatred is beauty, 6/14/2010 01:56:00 PM.

Mosh Party 5 was indeed an awesome, with Stillborn performed for the gig. :D

Even though i only went there just to support one band, but hell, it was fucking awesome. Just for one band that i headbanged, moshed and bodysurfed, i was already drown in my own sweat. NO JOKE. 
Stillborn made my day.
And i must say many many thanks to my sugar daddy, Arvind for giving me free entry. Sayang kau banyak2, kepala botak! :D
I will upload pictures here, soon, once i've received it. :)

And not forgetting,

:D :D :D

Death Fest and Mosh Party 5 over, am just waiting for NOW SUFFERRRR! 
I would like to see my heads flung off though. :P
Oh shit, i'm just kidding! >.<

Hatred is beauty, 6/05/2010 11:17:00 PM.

Good evening readers.
Today is Fuck My Life day.
I've got scolded by my dad in the morning.
It spoiled my mood for the entire day.
I can't help it when he blames and accused me things that i didn't do at all. 
The person that i thought i can depend on, makes my mood really down.
I cried. Witness was Fit. I told her every single thing that she doesn't know what's happening to me when i am at home. 
I am currently in a depression.
What makes me more depress is that i've lost weight drastically, yet i have an enormous appetite. 
I may have some health problem that i have yet to know.
Thanks to my stubbornness, i have yet to see the doctor.
Gosh, i feel like a jinx really.
It's like i am a troublemaker of peace.
Destroyer of happiness that is around me.
I think if i didn't exist, the world would be a better place to live in. 
Oh well. Fuck my jinxed life. 

Hatred is beauty, 6/01/2010 09:25:00 PM.

Singapore Death Fest was AWE-FUCK-SOME.

After three months of not going to gigs, i finally made myself free yesterday to let my inner rage in me to behave like a beast. 
Most of the bands that i anticipated was as brutal as fuck, gory as fuck and of course, sexy as fuck.

Finally i get to headbang and windmill A LOT, bodysurf and mosh! It felt so good.
Took a lot of random photos outside Blackhole. 

I'm just too lazy to elaborate la. Haha.

But overall, the bands that played yesterday was fucking brutal. But the crowds wasn't supportive much. 

Right now, right side of my head has a lump, thanks to Flesh Disgorged's guitarist's guitar's knob that hit on my head while i was windmilling.
I'm having neck cramps, as usual.

& yes yes! I've got Cardiac Necropsy's last piece, limited edition free t-shirt!
Hahaha! At first Tina was the one that has it as the vocalist threw that shirt to her.
But after the performance, the t-shirt was at Elly's bag. But since none of them took it, apa lagi, aku amek lah! HAHAHAHA!
I was being a bitch, for a day ONLY! :P

Okay, i'm just waiting for Mosh Party 5 and Now Suffer! 
Fuck yeah let's bang again! :DDDD

Hatred is beauty, 5/30/2010 01:53:00 PM.



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